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It makes it possible to establish trust between two or more parties, ensuring security, traceability, auditability and immutability of data in a centralized or distributed manner.

This trust is essential to create a transparent and conducive environment for carrying out transactions and establishing and executing commitments / contracts.

Regarding the technological perspective, several technologies can be used depending on the architecture selected for the implementation of the solution, including Blockchain or another distributed ledger system.

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It makes it possible to store structured and unstructured data and / or data sets related to any topic in order to guarantee traceability, auditability and immutability.
It makes it possible to store series of temporal data from IoT devices, sensors, among others, in order to guarantee the reliability of the data for the parties that need to use them for specific purposes.
It makes it possible to guarantee the verification of the reliability of information, documents and other stored data involved in a transaction in order for the parties to follow what they have agreed to do.
It makes it possible to guarantee that certain validations occur whenever certain conditions are met, and may or may not trigger actions depending on the validations in question.
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