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It makes it possible to establish a clear, objective and coherent organizational data strategy, and an alignment between data and processes, aiming at a greater mastery over the organization's operation and greater awareness of the context in which it operates and its relationship with customers and stakeholders.

This domain and awareness will directly contribute for the organization to reach the established goals and objectives, apply and expand its knowledge and generate the innovations necessary for the present and future operation.

In addition to covering subjects such as Data Strategy, Alignment between Data and Processes, Data Life Cycle, Governance and Compliance, Protection and Privacy, Curation, and Integration and Enrichment.

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Increasing the efficiency and transparency of business processes and their organizational reflexes, such as generating new opportunities, developing and sustaining distinctive competencies, meeting regulatory and legal demands, among others.
Increasing the efficiency and transparency of decision-making processes, making them more precise and effective. In addition to making it possible to balance risks, investments and innovation.
Identification of the organization's exposure to issues, behaviors and situations, including the possible impacts to its operation, in order to support the appropriate measurement of organizational risks.
Evaluation of the environment where the organization is located (regional, national and global) and the respective most relevant scenarios, considering different perspectives, such as: social, economic, political, population, environmental, territorial, among others.
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